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Teamspeak Channel and Group

Discussion in 'Guides & Information' started by Echo, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Echo Administrator

    Guild Wars 2 ID:
    Guild leaders can apply for a permanent guild channel and group on teamspeak. Included is one guild leader tag, up to 5* permanent subchannels, and a link to your site on the main page if you wish. You should familiarize yourself with the server groups, permissions, and moderation policy in the information section.

    Before applying, make sure:
    • You and your guild are based on Crystal Desert, or will be transferring shortly
    • You have 4 other members on or transferring to Crystal Desert
    • The five of you are not primarily part of another guild already on TS already
    Note that guilds and channels which do not see enough usage to justify having them will be cleaned out. Data for this comes from three different sources - TS' database, ArcNet logging, and general perception. Using a private voice server does not exempt a guild. If you just wish to make your guild name known, feel free to post in the recruitment section.

    If you meet the requirements, post in this thread with the following:
    Website (optional):
    Guild Leader/s:

    You can also message Fiera in the AFK channel of TS

    If applying after being recently removed:
    Forum/TS names of five active members:

    * = depends on number of active TS members. Check Moderation in the Guides & Info section.

    updated 02/29/2016 - too much clutter to maintain private forums, phasing those out
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  2. SwankyMutt Certified Crystal Desert Player

    Guild Wars 2 ID:
    Name: Build a Bear Bandits
    Tag: [BEAR]
    Website (optional): N/A
    Guild Leader/s: SwankyMutt.9521 (Rei) and breakeryeti.9824 (Aimes)

    Thanks so much!
  3. Lar Administrator

    Guild Wars 2 ID:
    Awesome [BEAR] welcome again. Will have your TS set up ASAP
  4. SwankyMutt Certified Crystal Desert Player

    Guild Wars 2 ID:
    Thank you very much! We have brought a few more members over and looking to drag a couple more this coming week so gonna get the guys off the private ts more and run on public to get to know more of the community.
  5. Lar Administrator

    Guild Wars 2 ID:
    i sent you an in game mail. So poke/message Arcylte in the afk channel making your request
  6. Brandon McGuire Protector of Truths

    Guild Wars 2 ID:
    Name: Rage and Warfare
    Website (optional):N/A
    Guild Leader/s: Brandman.3842 and DeeJay.8504

    Thank you :D
  7. Lar Administrator

    Guild Wars 2 ID:
    Hope you RaW doing ok. Remember to join our community discord to see all the current happenings
  8. Kristy Certified Crystal Desert Player

    Guild Wars 2 ID:
    Tag : LSA
    Name: Lost Souls of Anarchy
    Guild leaders: Kristy.7850 and Asthena.3490
    CD based guild Thank you!
  9. Lar Administrator

    Guild Wars 2 ID:
    Hey sorry for the late reply. If you haven't been set up as yet. I will get it for you. Also don't forget you and your guild are welcome to join our community Discord
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