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Sixty Nine Shades of [NUDE]

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Amber Vine, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Amber Vine Administrator

    Guild Wars 2 ID:
    What makes Nudie Material:
    • You are 18 or older
    • You like having fun and enjoy joking around (we do this a lot)
    • You really want to be a part of NUDE - You get what you give. This is true of any guild you join. If you join a guild and rarely socialize with them you will never truly be a part of them. If you never join in guild activities you don’t allow others to get to know you then you end up feeling left out, so again you get what you put into it.
    Nudies Are:
    • Casual - The only place we care what build you’re running is raids, the only time we care if you show up for all schedules is if you’re in the raid squad. Otherwise, dude live your life. Play your way and follow your bliss.
    • Friendly - Be yourself, social norms are followed. We are a mature immature guild basically adults who cut up and act like we are still in high school with “that’s what she said” kind of jokes.
    • Helpful- We try to help whenever we can.
    • Tenacious - We don’t give up too easily, this is proven in both WvW and Raids. We can spend a fair amount of time pushing a t3 until we get it where we want it. In raids, we practice and practice and practice until we can beat that boss.
    • Rainbow Friendly (LGBT Friendly) - We expect everyone to treat everyone as you would want to be treated.
    • PvX Guild - We have some in all modes of play in the game. We have PvEers, WvWers, Raiders, and even some sPVPers.
    • NA- North American Servers - we did a brief stint over on EU but are now back on NA servers Shout out to Farshiverpeaks EU server!
    • CD Server - We play on Crystal Desert server for WvW this matters otherwise if you don’t WvW then it won’t matter. However, I feel I should tell ya we run a server wide Pep Rally every week, and well those can be pretty fun. In fact, some of our best nights are pep rally nights.
    Nudies Have:
    • Discord - You’ll have more fun with us if you join voice chat. We have our own discord but use Crystal Desert TeamSpeak for our “Pep Rallies” on Friday Nights
    • Fully upgraded guild hall - Windswept Haven guild hall
    • Pretty Regular Schedule - You can usually find something to do. No events are required to join of course only there if you choose to use it.
    Fractal Nights: Tier 1 - 3 on Sundays @ 10am & 1pm EST AND on Wednesdays from 5pm - 7pm EST See Fractal Info Discord Chan.
    Tier 4 on Wednesdays @ 7pm EST
    WvW: Wed EL leads - 7-9pm est, Friday: Pep Rally Night 2hrs before WvW reset, Sat 7 - ? est
    Raids - 2x on Sat morning and evening see Velad (nudie) for more info.
    PVE- Old Souls (old content) Soul Leads - Saturday 1pm -3pm est
    Guild Missions: Sundays at 4 EST
    Sixty Nine Shades of [NUDE]
    Amber Vine - hmsgoddess.3869
    Narekelle – slayerjuice.9416
    Or any one else in [NUDE]
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  2. Amber Vine Administrator

    Guild Wars 2 ID:
    We are always recruiting.
  3. Amber Vine Administrator

    Guild Wars 2 ID:

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